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The Rift by V. Y. Mudimbe

The Rift by V. Y. Mudimbe

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Cloth; Used. As New. Dust Jacket: As New. The Rift by V. Y. Mudimbe. First Edition, 1993. Diary Fiction.

"The Rift explores textuality, writing, solitude, and death in the context of contemporary African life, and at the same time examines the constitution and materiality of African subjectivity.

V. Y. Mudimbe's writing is provocative, demanding, and distinctly modernist. In its compelling exploration of the production of African knowledge within or outside the interstices of imperial space, The Rift contributes significantly to contemporary debates about the liminal subject split - to use Homi Bhabha's phrase - "between the here and the there" - and most important, about issues of power and post-colonial epistemology."

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