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Memories of the Future by Siri Hustvedt

Memories of the Future by Siri Hustvedt

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Cloth; Remainder. Memories of the Future by Siri Hustvedt. Fiction/Literature. First Edition/First Printing.


"Memories of the Future tells the story of a young Midwestern woman’s first year in New York City in the late 1970s and her obsession with her mysterious neighbor, Lucy Brite.

As she listens to Lucy through the thin walls of her dilapidated building, S.H., aka “Minnesota,” transcribes her neighbor’s bizarre and increasingly ominous monologues in a notebook, along with sundry other adventures, until one frightening night when Lucy bursts into her apartment on a rescue mission.

Forty years later, S.H., now a veteran author, discovers her old notebook, as well as early drafts of a never-completed novel. S.H. measures what she remembers against what she wrote that year and has since forgotten to create a dialogue between selves across decades."

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