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Italia Perversa: The Mosque by Richard Appignanesi

Italia Perversa: The Mosque by Richard Appignanesi

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Cloth; Used. Fine. Dust Jacket: Fine. Italia Perversa (Part Two): The Mosque by Richard Appignanesi.. Young Adult Fiction.

"The Mosque open at night with a train journey to the Balkans. Piero and Madlena are 'escaping' Vienna, but are still accompanied by the shrewd and relentless Nazi-hunter, Lebyev, who needs Piero's help to capture his Nazi fugitive, Helmuth Graebe. They are travelers imprisoned by the 'irresponsible past.'

It is Piero's terrifying encounter with Graebe, father of his comrade, Hedgensel, which leads him to discover the Mosque and the old Hadji, patriarch in command of this heretical Muslim sect. Their occult rituals bring Piero into visionary contact with his own origins, and The Mosque ends with him uncovering his father's grave in the Zagreb necropolis."

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