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Italia Perversa: Destroying America by Richard Appignanesi

Italia Perversa: Destroying America by Richard Appignanesi

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Cloth; Used. As New. Dust Jacket: As New. Italia Perversa (Part Three): Destroying America by Richard Appignanesi.. First Edition. Young Adult Fiction.

"Piero has succeeded in bringing home to Montreal the remains of his father, Major Orlando Ossafraghi, and Destroying America opens with the long-delayed funeral. For the savage pair, Piero and Madlena, homecoming means the last war between them.

Her face scarred from their recent conflict in Zagreb, Madlena resumes her cabaret career as Mamselle Dirty. She lives apart from Piero in his uncle's mansion, awaiting their final duel which she senses will be fatal for each of them. Piero discovers the treachery of his political comrades, and resigns his position as scientific researcher at the Genetics Institute, thereby courting his ruin. He writes his revolutionary memoir. Destroying America, and in his fight against 'family encirclement' takes to the nihilism of the rooftop sniper.

The Restless journeying in part one and two of Italia Perversa reaches its goal in Destroying America. Piero and Madlena share a quest in which they battle to overcome the dualities of passion and indifference, madness and logic, magic and reason. Revelation comes to them in the end, as the trilogy's basic motif returns to be unraveled: 'Sometimes a funeral is a beginning.'"

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