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Celebrate Coastal Bliss: Discover Orange Beach, Alabama's Pristine Shores, Family-Friendly Entertainment, and Culinary Delights!

Orange Beach, Alabama, a pristine, although commercial coastal town just east of the more widely-known Gulf Shores, and just west of Pensacola, Florida, has among the nicest beaches in the United States. Keep in mind that the beaches are immaculate for a reason, there are conscientious regulations that demand personal accountability, take only footprints, and leave only pictures kind of a thing—the beach is better because of it.

            Orange Beach, Alabama, nevertheless is a vacation town, and any vacation town worth vacationing at will make a point to entertain the vacationer. While the beach and the crystal-clear waters of the gulf play their part in your stay, when you’re looking for something more waterless to do, you’re going to want to make your way inland, along Portage Creek to Orange Beach’s The Wharf. A family friendly atmosphere, the Wharf has an amphitheater which along with a weekly open mic night, hosts acts—later this summer—including Styx, Foreigner, Luke Bryant, Train, Dierks Bentely, and REO Speedwagon, along with restaurants, bars, an escape room, a light show, and Ferris Wheel, among other things.

The restaurants in this polished little beach town are notable polished and touristy as well, however, a guideline tip in these locales is to find the restaurant with the best atmosphere, such as CoastAL or The Gulf, both of which are right on the beach, and order the most reasonably priced fish basket on the menu, and Orange Beach is no different. Because they’re not going to fly the fish frozen from elsewhere, and that you can take to the bank. Another unique regional tip, know the region's highlights; and when you’re in the south, you can always trust the BBQ, and southern coastal BBQ is uniquely delicious.

            I’m simple, I like to find myself a good cup of coffee or tea, the best on the strip is a short drive west, nearer to Gulf Shores to the Southern Grind at INDIGO and make my way back to the beach. And then to spend the afternoon exploring the series of small, stunning islands along the coast, such as the untouched beauty of Robinson Island or the sandy shores of Walker Island for a tranquil escape. Orange Beach, Alabama was a bit of an accidental destination for me, but once I discovered the burnished little getaway it’s been difficult to get out of my mind and remains one of my favorite stateside beach escapes.

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