The Rocks Tasting Room in Big Sky, Montana

Sip, Savor, and Soak in the Scenic Flavors of Big Sky: The Rocks Tasting Room

I didn’t know what to expect of Big Sky, Montana, I’ve heard only that it’s a resort town and that the entire town is more or less a private getaway for celebrities, many have homes in nearby Yellowstone Club. It’s only an hour and half from where I’ve been living so I made a day trip to little Big Sky. I started to walk into ACRE Kitchen on Town Center Avenue, in Big Sky’s “town center,” and an expected delivery never showed so they were having to close early. I was disappointed because ACRE markets themselves as a health-conscious restaurant that uses only organic and natural ingredients. I was directed instead, by an employee of ACRE, to The Rocks, which was a block or so away across from the Fire Pit Park.

The Rocks was packed, there wasn’t a single available seat, even just for one, so I sat waiting and reading. Eventually I was sat at the bar, and I browsed the menu, it wasn’t at all what I was in the mood for, most of the menu was a variety of flatbread pizza’s; I like to step out of my comfort zone so that I might fully experience the experience and, who knows, maybe change my life as I know it. I ordered Noelle’s Fireweed Old Fashioned, a drink I would never otherwise order, and it was good, I think I may have been happier ordering a beer but I wanted to “live in the moment,” and I had never had Fireweed before. I almost went with the Margarita Flatbread—it’s the pizza or flatbread that I would normally have ordered—but decided instead to go with the Taco Flatbread.

I waited a while for the flatbread, I wasn’t bothered at all by that, I had the time to spare, and I had explored what I thought at the time was most of the town, it wasn’t, and If I’d known that I may have been more anxious for my food but I was enjoying sipping on my Old Fashioned, sitting on the swivel chair that faced Fire Pit Park, and watching the wind rustling through the leaves, that would, on occasion, breeze in through the open garage-style door and fill the small restaurant with the fresh summer air.

The Taco Flatbread was placed in front of me on a wooden cutting board, there was no plate or silverware (I liked that), and it looked incredible, and tasted even better. It was undoubtedly the best flatbread that I have ever had. I was picking pieces of it up off the board, off the bar, off of my jeans, and the floor (not really off of the floor), it was messy, and especially so eating off of an awkwardly shaped, thick cutting board. The Taco Flatbread is cumin chicken, cilantro, queso fresco, green Olives, pico de gallo, and corn tortillas, it was amazing. I’m glad I didn’t order the Margarita flatbread, and that I tried the Taco Flatbread, however, I can’t stop thinking about how amazing the Margarita Flatbread is going to be.

The Rocks is a bar aptly named—much like Big Sky—a third of the bar/restaurant was filled with more alcohol than I’d ever seen in a room that size, my disappointment was curbed, and then some. I will definitely be going back to the Rocks, especially since it’s only an hour away, and the flatbread only set me back $16, it was well worth that, even if Noelle’s Fireweed Old Fashioned was $15. In the meantime, I’ll be dreaming about Margarita Flatbread.

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