Moab Brewery: Craft Beer, Savory Bites, and Community Spirit in Utah's Desert

Moab Brewery: Craft Beer, Savory Bites, and Community Spirit in Utah's Desert

Within the vast expanse of Moab, Utah, where the desert stretches to meet the sky in a breathtaking display of natural grandeur, there is an oasis, a brewpub where an alchemy of flavor converges with the artistry of craft brewing. Moab Brewery, a veritable temple of zymology among the red rock landscape.

            As one steps beyond the threshold and into the hallowed halls of the Moab Brewery, your senses are immediately arrested by a symphony of aroma, the heady bouquet of hops mingling with the savory scent of smoked meats, beckoning foodies, and beer enthusiasts alike. The Brewhouse Burger, Hatch green chile, applewood smoked bacon, and Jack cheese and aioli, and a side of fries, paired with the Dead Horse Amber Ale is the perfect way to end a day of hiking and wonder in nearby Arches National Park. Meanwhile, the Brewery’s Fish ‘n’ Chips, a crisp, golden exterior giving way to tender, flaky fish that melts in your mouth, and this paired with the Moab Pilsner. A testament to the artistry of the Brewery’s master brewers, who infuse each pint with a depth of character and complexity that compares with the best of microbreweries.

            As the largest private employer in Moab, the Moab Brewery is not only committed to the community, but is actively inspired to improve the means and livelihood of their neighbors. Moab Brewery is more than a microbrewery, it’s a gathering place for friends and families reserved for the sublime. A reminder that during uncertain times, it’s important to have a place to feel grounded and secure.

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