A Visit to Cafe Pasquals Santa Fe, New Mexico

Café Pasquals: Culinary Bliss in Santa Fe - A Gourmet Adventure Celebrating Local Flavors and Cultural Heritage!

Café Pasquals, is an eatery in the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico. And one that is among the best of the best, and especially if you’re a foodie. The food is so good every bite demands a moment of pause, and the ambience is somehow both festive and tranquil simultaneously. As you step into Café Pasquals, you’re greeted by the aromas of freshly brewed coffee and an atmosphere as unique as it is inviting. The eclectic decor and vibrant colors create a welcoming atmosphere that instantly makes you feel at home.

            The menu at Café Pasquals is a celebration of local ingredients and traditional recipes with a modern flare. From savory huevos rancheros to fluffy blue corn pancakes, every dish is a delicious masterpiece that reflects the rich flavors of New Mexico. Most notably, the “Breakfast Burrito:” a whole wheat tortilla, griddled, with organic eggs, green chili, Gouda, Jack, and Cheddar cheeses, salsa, and hashbrowns, and as an “add on,” turkey bacon. Along with "The Alley Cat" breakfast sandwich at CatEye Café in Bozeman, Montana, this is the best breakfast sandwich that I've ever had. And then there is the “Smoked Trout w/ crème fraîche rillette spread:” ruby red trout, bacon, chives, and crostini bread. Just thinking about this is almost enough inspiration to drive the more than 1,000 miles from me to Café Pasquals for a meal. You might also want to try the:

  • Huevos Motulenos: A flavorful combination of eggs, black beans, and plantains, topped with salsa and queso fresco.
  • Green Chile Stew: A hearty stew made with tender chunks of pork, roasted green chilies, and potatoes, served with warm tortillas.
  • Santa Fe Frittata: A delicious mix of eggs, chorizo, potatoes, and green chilies, baked to perfection.

Cafe Pasquals is more than just a restaurant; it is a culinary journey that celebrates the vibrant flavors and rich cultural heritage of Santa Fe. So, when you find yourself in this enchanting city, be sure to visit Cafe Pasquals for a truly unforgettable dining experience!

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