An Essay about Barbie: The Movie

Barbie The Movie: A Thoughtful Critique of the Human Condition and Also, Maybe, Just a Movie

 Barbie The Movie: A Timeless Icon

Barbie, the iconic doll created by Mattel, has been captivating the hearts of children and adults alike for decades. With her progressive style, glamorous lifestyle, and empowering message, Barbie has become a cultural and worldwide phenomenon. It is no wonder that her popularity has extended beyond the toy aisle and to the world of movies. However, Barbie The Movie is, also, a bit more than just a movie, isn't it?

An Obvious Political Angle?

The film explores decades of counterculture theorems regarding Barbie's social impact and the possibility that Barbie is responsible for altering the personal perspectives of countless people. Does Barbie, in fact, affect an impossible image and an ideal that negatively influences the self-esteem of thousands or millions of young women? Is Barbie really at fault for the thought processes that have inspired her somewhat recent decline, or is this another example, like the movie suggests, of people not taking responsibility for their own thoughts and actions, and misinterpreting Barbie's ideals because of their own intrapersonal discomforts? Are cultural standards really responsible for self-esteem issues or are cultural standards little more than conditioned responses to growing and immediate unconscious rises thanks to internal, subjective transgressions?

          At the very least the possibilities might be worth considering. It's interesting that a doll can conjure such strong emotions inside of us, regardless of whether Barbie is responsible for setting impossible standards and crippling self-esteem issues or whether the doll is, in fact, one of the earliest symbols of equality and an inspiration for what might be possible in the lives of young women, and not necessarily physically, but professionally, socially, and imaginatively.

          Granted, although I am authoring this post, I am male, and as such I believe that I cannot relate at all to how a woman might think and feel (I can't even relate to what many men are thinking and feeling), and I believe that simply to share biological similarities does not qualify any of us to relate to, not only the experience, but also the processes for which any other one human might use in order to identify with this life experience. Nevertheless, without consciously thinking and talking about any one issue, free of judgement or thoughtless reaction, we are limiting whatever real social progress we might be capable of, and so the conversation is not only important it is absolutely necessary, if we're planning on existing beyond a few more generations.

          Manifestly, however, Barbie The Movie, is just a movie. A very well done live-action adaptation that brings the ambiguously inspirational doll to life on the big screen. Through smart, captivating storytelling, and fun, stunning visuals, the movie showcases Barbie's adventures figuring out who she really is. Barbie The Movie, will undoubtedly inspire audiences of all ages. Barbie, this live-action movie, explores the positive avenues of feminism, through various lenses, every one of which, regardless of whether the lens has been shaped, contributes to a fantastic 92 minute striking, melodic, and inspirational exposé.

Why Barbie The Movie is Worth Watching

  1. Nostalgia: For those who grew up playing with Barbie dolls, the movie provides a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Barbie rekindles childhood memories and allows viewers to relive the magic of Barbie's, but also their own world(s), it reminds many viewers why Barbie empowered them, while introducing the motive of empowerment to generations of young women.
  2. Empowering Message: Barbie has always been an advocate for empowering girls. The movie reinforces this message by portraying Barbie as a strong, independent character who overcomes challenges and pursues her dreams. It teaches valuable lessons about self-confidence, determination, and embracing individuality. And the movie does so by challenging Barbie's own ideology of empowerment, guiding her through denial and acceptance, and then ultimately reinvigorating and reinforcing her own self-esteem and self-worth, by helping to regain a sense of lost individuality, and, as a result, her own capability. 
  3. Visual Spectacle: Barbie The Movie is a visual feast for the eyes. From glamorous fashion to breathtaking scenery, the movie transports viewers to a world of beauty and fantasy. Creating a visual nostalgia for millions to witness their own imagination come to life. The attention to detail in the costumes and set design adds to the overall enjoyment of the film.

Barbie The Movie: A Positive Impact

Barbie the Movie not only entertains but also leaves a lasting impact on its audience. It encourages creativity, imagination, and positivity by showcasing Barbie, and anyone who, for whatever reason, might see themselves in Barbie, as a role model. The movie inspires young girls to dream big and believe in themselves.

Barbie The Movie also promotes diversity and inclusivity. Barbie has evolved over the years to reflect a more inclusive range of body types, ethnicities, and abilities. This representation sends a powerful message of acceptance and celebrates the beauty of diversity. We have to remember that in our humanity we often learn through trial and error, and while we frequently make mistakes, we learn from those mistakes; we should not erase or ignore our mistakes, but to instead learn how to build upon and learn from them.

In Conclusion

Barbie The Movie is more than just a film; it is a celebration of a cultural icon, and a reflection of ourselves, regardless of whether we are adolescent young women, boys, or constantly maturing and developing adults. The movie brings the beloved doll to life and reminds us of the timeless values she, and our history, represents. Whether you are a fan of Barbie, simply looking for an uplifting and visually stunning movie, or are interested in exploring your own sense of humanity, Barbie the Movie is definitely worth watching.

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