A Thought Experiment

A Thought Experiment

For years I have been assembling the foundations of a novel. A novel that examines and illustrates the general condition of our nature between the 90’s and today. One that challenges themes from privacy, behavior, and lifestyle to spectrum politics, dissonance, and tribalism; this design has proven remarkably difficult.


In part because in order to explore these themes as they present themselves in our day-to-day lives it’s important to understand the foundations of where they come from and how they’ve developed, but over the last thirty years we’ve experienced paradigm shift over paradigm shift over paradigm shift with layers and side effects and residue: spilling into…drying… hardening; dependencies, the incorporation of opinion, fact, and truth; new normal(s) crystalized by less than fully formed biases while people, we consume without critical thought and in many cases are actually encouraged to reject critical thought for flamboyant idealism.


We haven’t had time to really settle in and catch up.


I’ve witnessed more and more our web-based behaviors becoming a social norm in our everyday lives; we’re ago driven society more than ever, and it serves no one—not even ourselves. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


The question then becomes how to dramatize the realities of these developments in a practical way through a fictional lens while simultaneously explicating the subtleties, nuances, and shifts of an existing society that few people were privy to in the immediacy as each unfolded in real time?


I think one way that may help me to, at the very least, outline this opus would be to compartmentalize the idiosyncrasies as simple as I possibly can and to do so as small as I possibly can. I can attempt to pick apart issues and behaviors and processes and systems and tear into them at their most vulnerable, to rip apart the seams of they're foundations and then to explore how our behaviors manipulated each issue, each behavior, each process, each system and to establish the most linear design at the most basic level.


And what will remain should be a sensical assessment of the progression of our society. Hopefully I’ll be able to then calculate the difference between what is and what should be, and then snap at the webs of consensual disillusionment until the spiders startacomin’


…and that, is the best way I can describe the intent of this blog right now….

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